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Choosing ASIC

ASIC's people create a high performing culture. By working on cutting edge issues, you'll make a difference to our goals, to stakeholders and your own career aspirations. We value individual differences and diverse thought processes. We believe the quality of decision making is improved by people with varying backgrounds and perspectives working together by connecting and sharing ideas.

We inform. We educate. We regulate.

A future with ASIC means that you will work alongside those at the forefront of regulatory practice ensuring that Australians have trust and confidence in the financial system.

We'll value what you bring.

We value those who have sharp analytical minds and are open to challenging the way things are done. Our opportunities cover all career stages from entry to leadership level. Our opportunities cover all career stages from entry to leadership level.

Expect great variety - here's a glimpse at life in ASIC...

Surveillance activities - You may be conducting real-time surveillance to ensure compliance with the law, including onsite visits as well as desk-based reviews of material. You could be providing predictive insights and/or high level analysis of the ASX and Chi-X markets, working with stakeholders to provide guidance or making recommendations for remedial action to ensure compliance.

Enforcement matters - You could be conducting an investigation, devising a case theory and analysing information, interviewing a person of interest, or preparing a brief of evidence. For ASIC to achieve regulatory outcomes, you will liaise regularly with teams within ASIC who deal with our external stakeholders including financial advisors, companies, investment banks, investment managers, superannuation funds and financial markets.

Regulation of financial advisors - The regulation of financial advisers and the financial advice industry is crucial for ensuring that Australians have trust and confidence in the financial system. You could conduct compliance surveillances on licensees, monitor the outcomes of regulatory actions, liaise with industry stakeholders and undertake proactive project work relating to financial advice and regulatory policy.

Strategy - You may be involved in using both traditional and innovative behavioural economic research techniques to understand investor, financial consumer and market issues. Working in our strategy area will give you the opportunity to analyse relevant data and trends, proactively identify emerging risks, and assist in formulating strategies to address them. ASIC's Innovation Hub, set up to assist fin-tech start-ups to navigate our regulatory system, is a great example of the type of work underway.

Diverse minds

At ASIC, we believe that diverse minds are critical to our success. Our diversity and inclusion drive innovation, creativity and problem-solving, as well as individual and organisational productivity. Our professional networks along with our Communities of Practice support your learning and development.

Diversity and inclusion is not simply about gender, race, age, sexual orientation or disability. It's also about differences in personality, beliefs, working and thinking styles. Embracing these differences creates a working environment where all our people, our stakeholders and our communities are treated with fairness and respect.

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