Recruitment process & key dates

We are looking for the following in our postgraduates:

  • Completion of your postgraduate degree or qualification in 2019, 2018 or 2017.
  • Postgraduates from the following degree disciplines:
    • Mathematics, Statistics and Analytics
    • Law
    • Finance, Business, Economics and Accounting
    • Arts & Social Sciences (including criminology/investigations)
    • Behavioural Sciences
  • Australian citizenship
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A creative approach to problem solving
  • An ability to:
    • think critically when interpreting information
    • adapt quickly and effectively to new situations
    • build, maintain and utilise networks and relationships within ASIC
    • participate in projects across ASIC
    • work collaboratively
  • A commitment to your professional development
  • Alignment to ASIC's Values of Accountability, Professionalism and Teamwork

We especially encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply, including Indigenous Australians and people with a disability.


Recruitment Process

Our application process has five stages and we will keep you informed of your progress at every stage:

  1. Online application form
  2. Video interview and online psychometric assessment
  3. Assessment centre
  4. Reference checks
  5. Offer


Online application form - Recruitment Process

Online application form

You will be required to submit your personal and educational details and upload a resume.

To apply for the ASIC Postgraduate program, you must be an Australian citizen (not a permanent resident). You must have completed (or be about to complete) a postgraduate degree or Juris Doctor qualification in 2019, 2018 or 2017. You must complete your degree before the Postgraduate program begins in July 2020.


Video interview and online psychometric assessment - Recruitment Process

Video interview and online psychometric assessment

If you are successful from the online application, you will be invited to participate in a video interview.

You will also be asked to complete an online psychometric assessment.


Assessment centre - Recruitment Process

Assessment centre

A select number of applicants will progress through to multiple mini interviews. This involves many short independent assessments in a timed circuit which are designed to assess your capabilities against pre-determined criteria relevant to the role. We are looking for responses that provide us insight into how you might behave in work situations.


Reference Checks - Recruitment Process

Reference Checks

Our recruitment team will contact previous employers, schools, colleges or other sources you provide us with to learn more about your employment history, educational background and qualifications.


Organisational suitability assessment - Recruitment Process


This will be made over the phone and your contract will be emailed to you. As part of the offer pack, you will be required to satisfactorily complete an ASIC suitability and baseline assessment determine your suitability for employment.


Key Dates